Military humvee with New Comm manufactured components

For several years New Com has worked alongside a long-tenured US Defense Contractor for the fabrication & delivery of metal assemblies often found mounted to war-fighting vehicles. Success in this arena requires strict adherence to an extremely rigid set of military specifications, and New Com understands that the safety of our warfighting men & women depends on our team doing the job right.


One such military-grade product consists of 50 separate aluminum parts which must be individually cut, machined, welded, bolted, riveted and painted. Due to the unique geometry of this component, each extrusion must first be fabricated separately. They must then persist within a strict set of tolerances in order for the final pieces to fit together properly at the time of assembly. In order to accomplish this successfully, New Com's skilled welders must account for the material's inevitable shrinkage as they perform their welds. Our talented assembly team then must ensure all openings are in line, rivet nuts are securely pressed, and gussets & corner reinforcements are exact.


Following assembly, these military components are sent to New Com's in-house painting department where our painting team follows a unique set of guidelines to finish the pieces. Each of the 100+ holes must be properly plugged, however the specifications require primer & paint on some sides but not others. This process requires extensive masking and meticulous prep work before any type of finish may be applied. After that, the pieces are finished using different millimeter thicknesses of primer & paint in order to comply with defense specifications.


Driven by patriotism and pride of country, this is only one example of New Com's readiness to deliver top-quality products to one of our most demanding and deserving clients.