New Com's facilities in Randolph and Amesbury, MA are equipped with state-of-the-art machinery from the industry's leading manufacturers. These machines have been chosen for their accuracy, speed and reliability to deliver a precision product.


CNC Machining Centers

DMG CMX 1100

Mori-Seiki 5100 DuraVertical Machining Center w/30 tool ATC , 20" x 40 " travel and MAPPS IV Conversational Control (2)

Matsuura 510V w/20 tool ATC 20″ x 14″ travel and 4th axis index head

Robodrill w/21 tool ATC 14" x 26″ travel and 4th axis rotary

Robodrill w/ 14 tools, 14″x 20″ and 4th axis index head

Robodrill w/21tool ATC 14"x 20 Travel and full 4th axis rotary (2)

Milling (Manual)

Bridgeport Milling Machine with Proto-trax Control

Bridgeport Milling Machine w/Sony Digital Readout

CNC Turning Centers

Mori-Seiki NL-1500 CNC Lathe with MSX-850 control and MAPPS III Conversational Programming

Nakamura Tome TMC-15M Mill Turn with 12′ Hydrostatic Bar Feed, 6″ Chuck 1 5/8″ Bar Capacity

Nakamura Tome TMC-20 with 12′ Hydrostatic Bar Feed 6″ Chuck, 1 5/8 Bar Capacity

Nakamura Tome SC-250 with 10″ Chuck 2 ½" Bar Capacity

Okuma L1420 12″ Chuck 2 ¾" Bar Capacity

Lathes (Manual)

Leblond 15″ Dual Drive w/Trak MP-5 Digital Readout

Jet 10″ (5C Collet Capacity)

Cut Off Equipment

Amanda HA250W Automatic Horizontal Bandsaw w/10″ x 13″ Capacity

Peerless Automatic Cutoff Saw 10″ Round Capacity

DoAll 20″ Vertical Bandsaw

Grinding and Finishing

6″ x 8″ Reid Surface Grinder

Powermatic Belt Sander

Rockwell Disc Sander

Abrasive Blasting and Finishing Cabinet
3 Cu Ft Vibratory Tumbler


Brown & Sharpe MICRO-HITE-M Electronic Height Gage (2)

4′ x 5′ Starret Inspection Grade Surface Plate

3′ x 5′ Inspection Grade Surface Plate

18″ x 24″ Inspection Grade Surface Plates (2)

24″ Brown & Sharpe Micro-Hite Electronic Height Gage

Mitutoyo .0001 x 2″ Travel Digimatic Indicators (3)

Gage Blocks (Master Set for Gage Metrology), Bore Gages, Micrometers, Thread Gages, Threadwires, Calipers

Sine Plates
1) 10″ Between Rolls Non Magnetic
2) 5″ Between Rolls Magnetic

Model 1998 14-SO Inverted Image Front Screen Comparator



Merry Mechanization SMP/IS ver. 29.063


Preferred file format: *.prt, *.dwg, *.dxf or *.igs


Tailift HP1500 40-Station CNC Punch

Strippit 30/30 Single Station Punch (2)

Boschert Eagle PN 4-6" Corner Notcher

Machine Shop

ENCO Drill Press 0-1/2" Chuck

Powermatic Drill Press - 10" Depth

(2) Bridgeport Manual Milling Machines

1/2" Capacity Adjustable Depth Tapping Systems

Inspection & Measuring

24" Mitutoyo Height Gauge

48" x 36" x 6" Surface Plate (1)

24" x 36" x 4" Surface Plate (1)

6" x 4-1/2" Step Angle Block (1)

10" x 8" x 5-1/2" Steel Knee block (2)

1" - 4" Vernier Micrometers

6" - 12" Digital Calipers

Vermont Gage Hole Gauges 0.061" - 0.500"


255 amp Power MIG welder (2)

ESAB Migmaster 280 Pro

350 amp Power MIG welder (2)

275 amp Precision TIG welder

(2) 375 amp Precision TIG welder

30K Va Pneumatic Press Resistance Welder

100K Va Pneumatic Press Resistance Welder

150K Va Pneumatic Press Resistance Welder

Oxygen / Acetylene Cutting


Amada 10' - 130 Ton Brake w/ 8 Axis-Gauging

10' - 90 Ton Cincinnati Hydraulic Brake w/ Auto-Gauging

6' - 44 Ton CMF Hydraulic Brake w/ Auto-Gauging

4' x 3-inch Roller


Sever-All Cut-off Abrasive Saw 12" Wheel

Do-All Vertical Contour Saw 16" Depth

Kalamazoo Semi-Auto Miter Saw 16"


10' JMT Power Shear 1/4" steel plate max.

3' Pexto Kick Shear, 16 gauge max


36" Wide Belt Time Saver Finishing Service

8" x 36" Pedestal Sander

10' x 6" Wide Belt Stroke Sander

4" Capacity Radial Surface Grinder

Various Belt & Circular Hand Grinders

Tumbler and Deburr

Paint Shop

Spray Paint Booth 12' x 12' x 12' Positive Air

Spray Paint Booth 7' x 78 x 9' Positive Air

Binks Pressure Pot Large Capacity Spray System

Silkscreen Process in-house

Electro-Steam Power Steam Generator

Mobile Custom Hanging Rack System

Uni-Ram manual solvent recycler


PEM-Serter 2000 Hardware Press (3)

Solid Rivet Pressing Tooling

Automatic Tapping and Drilling Equipment

New Com Metal Products is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company

Quality Assurance Department

Registered to the ISO 9001:2015
Quality Standard

precision calipers used by our quality assurance department