New Com Metal Products, Inc. represents the union of two separate family-owned businesses, each with a long and prosperous history of precision metal fabrication.

The first of these companies is Dalton Manufacturing, a high-precision CNC machine shop which was founded in 1936 in Amesbury, MA. For more than 8 decades Dalton proudly served the greater New England area, catering primarily to the defense, medical, and OEM industries.

The second of these companies, New Com Metal Products Corp, was founded in 2008 by principal William Puleo. After 35 years working at his family's commercial sheet metal business, Mr. Puleo opted to venture out on his own and set up shop in Randolph, MA under the original New Com name.

Separately, Dalton and New Com have spent the better part of the last century as two of the premier metal fabricators in New England, both making up an important part of the defense industrial base and highly technical manufacturing ecosystem of the region. Additionally, each company has always shared the same core principles: providing superior quality products in a timely manner at a fair value.

The coalescence of these companies began on February 6th, 2020 when after 84 years of family ownership, Dalton Manufacturing was acquired by Seth Rogers. After successfully navigating the COVID pandemic in 2020 & 2021, Dalton achieved its highest-ever annual sales in 2022. In the spring of that record-setting year, Mr. Rogers was presented with the opportunity to acquire New Com Metal Products Corp., a proposal which would allow the combined companies the ability to offer both precision sheet metal solutions and precision CNC machined components. In addition, this opportunity would enable Dalton Manufacturing to expand its offerings to include New Com's very successful line of UL listed custom NEMA enclosures. The acquisition of New Com Metal Products Corp. by Dalton Manufacturing was completed on September 6, 2022.

On September 1st, 2023 the Dalton Manufacturing name was officially retired and the two separate companies united under a single brand, New Com Metal Products, Inc. With 33 employees across four separate locations in Massachusetts, New Com is the region's most complete and capable metal fabrication company.


Seth Rogers, President & Owner at New Com

Seth Rogers

President & Owner

William Puleo, Director of Estimating at New Com

William Puleo

Director of Estimating

Anthony Capano, Director of Sales at New Com

Anthony Capano

Director of Sales

Mike Capano, Purchasing at New Com

Mike Capano


Tom Stoltz, Senior Estimator at New Com

Tom Stoltz

Senior Estimator

Jane Dulong, Controller at New Com

Jane Dulong


Steve Materkowski, Division Lead Machining at New Com

Steve Materkowski

Division Lead Machining

Nick Bebo, Divison Lead Sheet Metal at New Com

Nick Bebo

Divison Lead Sheet Metal